Workshop to prepare the start of CSIRT Senegal activities (Senegal)

11-15th April 2023

With a view to strengthening digital security, the State of Senegal has put in place a national system based on the following pillars

1. the Presidential Instruction n°003/PR of 03 January 2017 relating to the Information Systems Security Policy of the State of Senegal (PSSI-ES),
2. Senegal’s National Cybersecurity Strategy (SNC2022), which articulates Senegal’s vision and objectives in terms of cybersecurity, reflecting ongoing support for the priorities of the “Digital Senegal 2025” strategy, and
3. the National School of Cybersecurity with a Regional Vocation (ENC-VR) to strengthen the knowledge and technical capacities in cybersecurity of the actors concerned.

The DCSSI is the National Cybersecurity Authority and is attached to the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic. The Directorate General for Ciphers and Information Systems Security (DCSSI) comprises the following structures
1. The Secure Information Systems Directorate
2. The Engineering and Expertise Directorate
3. The Administration, Legal Affairs and External Relations Department
4. The National Operational Cyber Security Centre

The National Operational Cybersecurity Centre, which has the rank of a directorate, is responsible for the implementation of monitoring, detection, alert, analysis and continuous management of risks and threats, as well as reactions to attacks on public and private information systems (National CSIRT), in relation with any national and international body involved in this field.

It ensures the national coordination of the reaction to these events, and in particular the fight against cybercrime, in liaison with the specialized structures.

It is in this context that the DCSSI wishes to set up a national CSIRT, and has thus requested support from the OCWAR-C project.


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