The national consultation on the legal framework on cybercrime (Nigeria)

May 24-26th 2023

The Nigerian government has partnered with the African Union (AU) and the European Union (EU) to tackle cybercrimes.

At the National consultation on the Legal Framework on cybercrime in Abuja, Attorney General and Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami said, digital transformation has provided many opportunities with attendant threats and challenges.

Represented by Director Public Prosecution of the Federation Muhammed Abubakar, Malami noted that, “the growing conveniences of the Cyberspace comes with Costs, particularly in the area of National Security, personal privacy, and economic development.”

In recognition of this Malami said, the Nigerian government enacted Cybercrimes prevention act 2015, to provide for an “Effective, unified, and comprehensive legal regulatory and institutional framework for prohibition, prevention, protection, prosecution, and punishment of Cybercrimes in Nigeria.”

Also, the Chairman African Union Cyber Security Group of experts Abdul-Hakeem Ajibola who described the synergy as crucial, advocated for the harmonization of cyber security laws across Africa.

He called on Nigeria not only defend to its cyberspace assets but also to foster a safe, secure, and prosperous digital environment for its citizens and businesses.

“We must educate our citizens about the risks of the digital world. We need to encourage safe online practices and foster an environment where each citizen is a responsible citizen.”

Dr Sabri Mackhawi in charge of EU Digital and Cyber security stressed the need to checkmate the use of technology in order to achieve global stability.

Other stakeholders such as the Ministry of Communication and Digital Economy, the office of the National Security Adviser, and the Nigerian Police among others expressed their commitment in supporting initiatives in fighting Cybercrime in Nigeria.

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