Advanced Training for CSIRT Incident Handling (Nigeria)

July 17-21th 2023

Understanding that Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRTs) exist to protect and defend from cyber-attacks particularly on sensitive critical/strategic infrastructure that may have an impact on national or economic security and public safety.

The OCWAR-C Project has to date conducted trainings for Member States on the Basics of CSIRT (Software Environment and Managerial Aspects) in English, Portuguese, and French.

This advanced training is intended for Member States that already have operational CSIRTs : Gambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone.

The target audience for this course are technical personnel of CSIRT or those interacting with CSIRT. The specific prerequisites are knowledge of network design and monitoring, knowledge of the internet, internet protocols and the challenges of the digital economy, knowledge of basic Linux system administration commands and navigation, familiarity with the command line/shell bash of a Linux operating system. Beyond basic computer skills, this includes skills in using the Internet and knowledge of IP addresses.

These trainings were open to all countries regardless of their CSIRT maturity level or the existence of a CSIRT.



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